Windows Around the World


The Windows Around the World Program

"Windows Around the World" is a web-based exchange program that links elementary schools around the world. The objectives of the program are to:

  • Promote learning about environmental science and cultural geography
  • Make vastly separated areas accessible to children & parents in other regions
  • Foster international collaboration and a sense of global awareness
  • Start to obtain climate data in regions where global climate change will first have impacts
  • Make students (future leaders and workers) active participants in the study
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Features of the Program

Data Entry Sample

Data Entry

Every day students take turns entering the temperature and weather conditions at their school. This data is stored in the database and is available for classroom projects and observation. When the students go to the data entry page, they see "filmstrips" of hourly images at all of the participating schools. This allows the students to see the differences in environmental conditions between the different regions.

Sample Chart

Data Viewing

Students and teachers have several tools available for looking at the data that they have been collecting throughout the year. The first tool for accessing the data is a dynamic charting system that allows the users to create weekly, monthly and yearly charts. By selecting the time period to chart and the schools that they want to view, students can create charts on the fly that demonstrate differences in temperature in different regions. Also, since this is an international program, students can choose between Metric and English units for all data retrieval.

Archive Data

The students and teachers also have direct access to the data in tabular format. Again, they can choose the time frame and schools to include when selecting the data. Once they have chosen which data they would like to retrieve, they can copy and paste it into other applications such as Excel.


Filmstrip Viewing

Viewing a full day of images as a filmstrip allows students to see how environmental conditions change over time. Within a day they can see storm fronts come through as the sky goes from clear to overcast, they can see the sun rise or the moon set and can see how the light quality changes.

Stacking the filmstrips vertically in chronological order, students can see how the length of day changes throughout the year. Students can choose which months they want to see filmstrips for and the interval they would like to see; daily, weekly, or bi-monthly.

Archive Images

Archive Images

Images taken from the cameras every hour are stored and cataloged in the database. All images can be retrieved for use in the classroom or to view special events such as sunrises, moon rises, extreme weather, changes in vegetation and animal visitors. If teachers would like a large set of images, they can request to have them sent on CD as well.